School self-evaluation Survey: Assessing the e-Maturity of your School
The following questionnaire is used for research purposes within the framework of the “Open Discovery Space” project and is addressed to school staff from schools across Europe, in order for them to illustrate their strengths and weaknesses in relation to Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The term ICT is used in this survey to refer to the use of Information and Communications Technology in education in general. It is thus meant as an umbrella term to capture all possible kinds of ICT with an emphasis on e-learning applications for teaching and learning.

Instructions for respondents:
Please, work through all the questions in each category, indicating the extent to which your school meets the criteria. In order to respond as accurately as possible, you are advised to consult the Head of the school, other colleagues and any school records available that may help you illustrate the use of ICT in your school. Before answering the questions, you will be asked to enter your details (school name, and a contact email address) so that the ODS team may contact you. A bar graph will be generated illustrating how your school has performed in each category. All information will remain confidential and will be used for research purposes only.

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  1. Leadership & Vision
  2. ICT in the Curriculum
  3. School ICT Culture
  4. Professional Development
  5. Resources & Infrastructure

school action plan


This questionnaire is based on the Self-Evaluation Tool developed as part  of the Digital Schools Award,  an initiative of Ireland’s NCTE in collaboration with the IPPN, INTO and CESI (